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    Knowledge of Dry cabinet storage
    Special Design for MSD Non-Oxidatin Baking
    Self-Contained Nitrogen Cabinet
    General Series, Widely Applicable
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      Today, as a leading and One stop Supplier, CBI has become a professinal company in fast dehumidification and anti oxidation storage technology and products.The All with the national intellectual property rights and patents included trademarks ,Texts,Photos,Logo and webpage etc,are governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the state protection. At present, the market found that there are individual companies unauthorized release of infringement of our company patented products particularly For:
      "Self Genarator Nitrogen (N2) Cabinet"(China petent 201220214928.6)“
      "MSD Low Humidty Baking Oven”      (China atent200910040544.X)
      "Cleaning Low Humidy Cabinet"         (China Patent 200620013675.0)。
       We reiterate that Any company counterfeits our company product appearance and working principle, on the website, product information, performance that copied our product pictures and text description of product sales are infringing, We will retain the lawsuit related to the company's rights through legal channels.

                                        CBI Innovation Dry technology Co.,Ltd.