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                Cleaning Nitrogen (N2)/CDA Cabinet-CBI Innovation Technology

    - Deeply involved in micro-contamination and dehumidifying fields over 15 years
    - Excellent experience to bring us the idea and perfect products to market.
    - Complete functions makes you easy for dealing with different environment
    - Cleaning-Dehumidifying-Oxidation -Anti-Static Protection
    -No Need Nitrogen (N2) supply if equipped with CBI Nitrogen generator ( option)

    - Cleaning:Class10~100
    - Low Humidity: <10%RH(5%RH Option)
    - 99.999% HEPA and high efficiency fan installed
    - Powerful 32 digital processor to have data processing, display and storing for
      controlling humidity and concentration of O2
    - ESD safety Grounding meet EOS/ESD STD.
    - N2 generator installed (option) for eliminating 100% N2 supplying
    - >1200 L Stainless cabinet with excellent finishing for cleanroom use.
    - CDA compatible with CBI Fast Dehumidifying unit
    Anti-oxidation and dust free storing in process of LCD、LED、Semiconductor , HDD/Film Heads、precision and optical pasts assembly etc.