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     Low Humidity Baking Oven- CBI Innovation Technology

    How to baking MSD for such as packed by reel, tray and plastic pipe etc?

    IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B/C give us answers already!
     Normal high temperature baking 125°C~150°C 
     Within 40°C~90°C range baking but humidity controlling below 5%RH

    Note: Normal oven only runs baking process without low humidity control

    Today more and more SMT and OEM plants start following strictly for below baking condition :

    A OVEN - Both runs 125°C~150°C high temp.baking and 40°C~90°C with 5%RH control as well.

    Proudly CBI is no.1 to be capable of supplying our Low Humidity Baking Oven to meet above IPC requirement in the market and surly it will become the first choose for most SMT end users

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