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    Special Design for MSD Non-Oxidatin Baking
    Self-Contained Nitrogen Cabinet
    General Series, Widely Applicable
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    CBI Innovation Dry technology Co.,Ltd. is the first and leading company in developing and producing new generation anti-oxidation and fast dehumidifying dry cabinet on the world market. With patents CBI owns, its latest products have outstanding performance on dehumidifying and energy saving, which is going to replace traditional desiccant and N2 cabinets used on current production fields of many industrials such as semiconductor, microelectronics, telecommunication .LCD/LED,SMT assembly etc.

    Currently We're focused on 

              Fast Dehumidifying Storing Cabinet Series

         MSD Low Humidity Baking Cabinet Series

         O2 Monitoring Control Nitrogen Cabinet Series

         Class100-10K Baking Cabinet /Oven Series

         Anti-Oxidation Process-Baking Oven Series

         Low Humidity Glove-Box Chamber  Series

         MSD Wareshouse Monistoring Storing System

         Which is typically designed for industrial use.

    All series products has been producing under strict quality control system like ISO 9001 and fully meet IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033A/B Industrial standard CE,UL and other related certificate have been approved specially for exporting to oversea market.

    CBI people will always be committed to innovation in order to constantly improve product performance to delicate our best design and good products to our end users and keep to upgrade its competitiveness as enterprise core in leading this market .